First Comes Love

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    We love taking vacations, but sometimes forget the camera! duh! So here are a few of what we have been able to capture. Many more to come!


  • Santorini, Greece
    Here's just a small sample of the amazing trip to Europe we took for our honeymoon.


  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Dubrovnik, Croatia was the first city we stopped in after leaving Venice. I was very pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this city and how claen it was.

Venice, Italy

  • Venice, Italy
    We arrived in Venice 2 days before our criuse was scheduled to leave port to see things on our own. One of Lacy's suitcases was lost on the way there from Germany, but it finally arrived the next day around noon. Venice is a beautiful, old city with a lot to see and we did a lot of walking just trying to see it all.

Corfu, Greece

  • Corfu, Greece
    Corfu was the first of 3 stops in Greece. Even though we didn't spend more then 5 hours in the town, we sure felt like we'd seen a lot of it. We rented a Suzuki Samuri Jeep and drove with a group of people through little towns and villages. Most of the streets were barely wide enough for one car, but some times they'd try to squeeze 2 through. There were no guardrails and the cliffs were extremely steep.

Argostoli, Greece

  • Cephalonia, Greece
    Argostoli Greece, also known as Cephalonia. This was the second stop in Greece and we went to see Lake Melisani, which is an underground lake that up until a large earthquake opened a "skylight" in the ceiling of the cave, was not known to the locals. VERY BEAUTIFUL place.

Santorini, Greece

  • Santorini, Greece
    The 3rd stop in Greece was by far the best and most beautiful. I would HIGHLY reccommend going there to anyone visiting Greece.

Catania, Sicily Italy

  • Sicily, Italy
    Sicily wasn't one of our more favorite places to visit. It had a few places that were interesting, but we agree it could have been somewhere we skipped visiting.

Naples, Italy

  • Naples, Italy
    While in Naples we visited the city of Sorrento and Pompeii. Pompeii was amazing but we didn't get a chance to see everything this ancient city holds. It was buried by an eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and was preserved for decades before being excavated.

Civitavecchia, Italy

  • Rome, Italy
    Civitavecchia or better knowns as Rome was another city Lacy and I will surely be coming back to. In the 9 hours we had to explore, we didn't see half of what we could have. Not to mention we were there on a Sunday which meant we couldn't go into St. Mark's Basilica, the Vatican museum or most of the cathedrals we wanted to. You could spend a week there and stillnot see everything you could!!

Livorno, Italy

  • Tuscany Region
    After a LONG day in Rome where I swear we walked 20 miles in 90 + degree heat, we were scheduled for another 9 hour day in Florence. We opted out of that for a shorter day of wine tasting and casual sight seeing.

Barcelona, Spain

  • Barcelona, Spain
    Once we arrived in Barcelona, Lacy and I were expecting to have a lot of time to explore by ourselves. Little did we know we would be taking a bus tour around the city to see the Sagrada Familia Church and the site of the 1992 Summer Olympics. I'm glad we did, but would have rather done it on my own and not have been so rushed. We didn't get to go into the church which was disapointing. I guess that just means we'll have to go back again. ;-)

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Wedding Day Details

  • June 7th, 2008
    Ceremony begins at 6 o'clock in the evening at Bastyr University Wedding chapel. The reception will follow at the Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville.

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    Immediately following the ceremony the guest should head to The Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville where dinner and all other festivities will take place.
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    Our Ceremony will begin at 6:00pm with the Mt. Si High school choir singing for the prelude and processional. Steve wants an auctioneer to do the ceremony in 5 minutes or less, but I insisted we don't waste the beautiful space and the ceremony should be at least 30 minutes.. sorry guys! :-)